Instead of rearranging furniture again because you’re tired of your surroundings, try some of these easy ways to refresh your home for spring. Quick changes to home decor can make a big difference.

Let The Light In

Switch your bulbs to energy-efficient LED bulbs that are brighter, swap out dark lamp shades for lighter ones, select new light fixtures to add light in areas without natural light and find replacements for heavy fabric curtains. Sheer, neutral tones are seasonal color favorites.

Grab a Paint Brush

A fresh coat of paint will bring new life to a room that feels stale. Add some color to your front door, bedroom or bathroom walls. If you are feeling daring try your hand at painting a piece of furniture you find at a garage sale or thrift store.

Throw Yourself Into The Season

Throw pillows are great additions to bedding and sofas. Add them in neutral or seasonal pops of color with throw pillows for an instant change to a room.

Shelve It

Shelving units often display objects that have special significance but they also make your space less cluttered. Everything should have a place in order to make your home feel lighter and look spacious.

Brighten Up the Bedroom

Bedding used during the holiday season or cold weather months can be swamped for lighter fabrics with seasonal pops of color.