Hey there! I’m Victoria.

I’ve fetched things for Britney Spears. Khloe Kardashian called me her spirit animal. And Robert De Niro made me rethink my career. But that was my old life.

This is Happily Ever Victoria — my lifestyle blog where I share the people, places and things that make me the happiest girl on the block. I’m a native New Yorker. Live in Manhattan. Have no idea how to ride a bike but I’ve driven a Lamborghini at work. Once.

I’m always up for a game of skeeball. I find it hard to turn down dessert. And I’ll probably beat you at checkers. Really.

I have tattoos hidden on my body, love island hopping and may be a recovering karaoke addict. But most importantly, if you ever need to know the best taco place in the area, I’m your girl.

I’ve been asked to be on several reality shows but I prefer to host shows and walk in fashion week instead. I’m definitely not camera shy but I am allergic to drama.

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